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We will assess your agreements for Tax deductions and, if appropriate, pursue on your behalf, a claim for repayment of the tax deducted and any other monies that may be due to you as a result of a reassessment by HMRC (i.e. the total repayment made by HMRC). Our fee will apply to the entirety of any monies that are returned, regardless of the reason.
We will provide this service on a “Contingency Fee” basis. Our Contingency Fee is 40% + VAT* on all revenue received. A “Contingency Fee” is a fee that is only charged if we receive a payment for you from HMRC. It is applicable to all payments we receive, including but not limited to personal savings allowance, marriage allowance, uniform and expenses claims and any income tax refunds
We will correspond and negotiate on your behalf in this matter.
We will forward to you the monies agreed in settlement of your claim after the deduction of our Fee as described in ‘Our Fees’ below. We will also send you a remittance statement.
By signing these Terms & Conditions, you agree to provide your bank details and compliant anti- money laundering documents before you can receive any payment. If we make a successful claim on your behalf and you do not provide these documents within 14 days, we will deduct our Contingency Fee then and return the balance to HMRC after 12 months
We will endeavour at all times to provide you with the professional and dedicated service that you deserve.
The person dealing with your claim is Sandra Biggs
We will advise you if we close any claim and confirm why.
We will always act in your best interests in pursuing your claim and obtaining for you the best results.
We will assist you in completing all or part of our application, and/or any subsequent forms, if necessary.